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Mar 14, 2016 katekyo hitman reborn, byakuran, rokudo mukuro. All the stuff you need to satisfy your khr yaoi needs request if you want me to find any specific pictures, doujinshi s, fanfictions, and more. Even though he knows that the person in front of him is not the real leonardo lippi that he knew from the start, yet he did nothing. Read and download mukuro, a hentai doujinshi by takashina asahi for free on nhentai. This video might look a little bit rushed and messy i did this half asleep cause i just got back. This takes place right after the fight when leo revealed his identity as mukuro to byakuran. Mukuro x tsuna reborn katekyo hitman, hitman reborn, cartoon movies, character development. In short, i found that most of the doujinshi i had on here was yyh and i organized. His job is to guide tsuna into his role as the 10th boss of the vongola family. Said mukuro, standing protectively in front of chrome.

Reborn doujinshi aru asa hitori no tabibito ga hibari x chrome, mukuro x chrome skyrend. The reader will read such experiences that involve, first meeting to marriage proposal, thus living your whole life with a certain character of your choice or even all of them if you wish. Mukuro x tsuna hibari x tsuna hibari x tsuna x mukuro gokudera x tsuna byakuran x mukuro mukuro x hibari. A boyfriend scenario story which involves the reader in different situations with various characters from the show katekyo hitman reborn. Anime galleries is your one source for anime images, pictures, scans, screencaps and more. But, as tsuna nervously observed the dagger in byakuran. Byakuran x tsuna a dedication to my soulmate, muse and love of life.

Rokudo mukuro, now panting heavily as he leaned his back against a wall in the room, gazed over at byakuran. Katekyo hitman reborn 396 page 2 thats a pretty badass group you could read the latest and hottest katekyo hitman reborn allied team in mangahere. You totally had no idea what he wanted to but you came anyway. R o m a n t i c i d e doujinshi and other collectibles. Immagini yaoi e shonenai, video e quantaltro sulla coppia belphegorsqualo.

My favorite pairings are 8059, 8018, 6918, 5927, d18, 1827, and 10069. Jul 20, 2019 11 years old byakuran found mukuro shortly after mukuro killed the estraneos, and offered him a place to stay. Khr 10027 byakuran x tsuna doujinshi strawberry marshmallow. The white orchid tainted red chapter 1, a katekyo hitman. Due to the actions committed by his futureself, he is considered the main antagonist of the future arc. Byakuran wants to spice up their sex life and proposes using handcuffs to make things more interesting. Read mukuro x tsuna x hibari from the story khr fanfics by roofonfireletitburn senpai with 579 reads. Both were wearing waiter uniform and they were totally l. Oofuri doujinshi by kamikawa ruu tansan shounen pg hug tajima x hanai ookiku furikabutte doujinshi by kurakami yuuma kaseijin nc17 maybe pg. Tsuna reborn katekyo hitman, hitman reborn, anime characters, fictional characters, doujinshi. In cannibalism, he appears before his favorite opponent, hibari, to taunt and tease him into fighting.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time i comment. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Byakuran x mukuro byakuran x hibarihibari x mukuro rating. Byakuran x reader from the story discontinued khr x reader by ichigossu with reads. Read hot and popular stories about mukuro on wattpad. You are reading katekyo hitman reborn fanfic ten years later. Khr doujinshi 10051 byakuran x shoichi trick or treat. Tsuna is enraged at mukuro s possession of futa and forcing him to attack bianchi. Long before his death, tsuna once said to byakuran. Morozuki ushio mori no nakamatachi katekyo hitman reborn. And there was something that shocked you that you couldnt even say a word. Mukuro first came upon chrome, who was known as nagi at the time, while he was taking a stroll through one of his illusions.

He is eventually chosen as the tenth generation mist guardian of the vongola famiglia. In the present, he is chosen as unis representative in the representative battle of the rainbow. Mukuro rokudo illusionist and owner of the mist flame. I got inspired by this pic and decided to make one xd you were invited into a luxurious dining room that reborn had asked you to come. When nagi was thinking to herself about how her life would finally end due to a car accident that caused her to lose her right eye and most of her organs, mukuro s voice. We meet in a monochrome world,dancing to a tune no one else can hear,repeating this destiny over and over.

Mukuro s imprisonment in the vendicare facility for most of the anime is a fruitful source of drama in doujinshi, since he has to rely on illusions and his host chrome to interact with anyone. Then all of a sudden mukuro appears, so a mini fight broke out. Cio cio mohicarena cotoriteikoku count305 cure enomoto d1 d. Read 14 galleries with parody kuromukuro on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader. Byakuran has spiky white hair and light purple eyes. Khr 10027 byakuran x tsuna doujinshi strawberry marshmallow duration.

Three hundred years ago, the known world consisted of nine continents spread across a vast ocean. Read all tsuna from the story facts about katekyo hitman reborn. Read 31 galleries with character mukuro rokudo on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader. See more ideas about hitman reborn, reborn katekyo hitman and anime. This time though, the pairing will be 100 byakuran x 27 tsuna. Katekyo hitman reborn doujinshi click here for the masterlist complete with download links. Byakuran then jumped through the window, running after you. The united nations kurobe institute was established to study mysterious artifiacts that has been found on a dam construction site. After all it was all destinate to happen, even if one was really in love with the other. E nglish mentaiko swift as lightning by mentaiko nc17 ookiku furikabutte doppelganger see you later, in 5 minuts. Reborn doujinshi together with brother byakuran x uni skyrend.

Mxr is still looking for japanesechinese to english translators, and skilled editors and typesetters. Loketto 5 junginboshi takashina asahi mukuro inu x boku ss lo5. Byakuran is the former boss of the gesso famiglia and the current leader of the millefiore famiglia. Shironasan cynthia from pokemon usually eats ice cream at least once in hear read jerk byakuran x reader from the story discontinued khr x reader by ichigossu with reads. Kingdom of paradise sony psp skyrend sales doujinshi. This is a full of laughs, rape and crack hope you enjoy ithappy late halloween i own nothing. I have 6 byakuranshouichi doujinshi currently available for sale. Read more information about the character mukuro rokudou from katekyo hitman reborn at myanimelist, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more. One of my illustrations as a guest artist in reborn doujinshi. As tsuna bursts into the medical room with chrome dokuro coughing up blood, a panicking bianchi informs tsuna that she lost her internal organs. Shouichi and byakuran university times and memories.

Even though he knows that the person in front of him is not the real leonardo lippi that he knew. Gate, guilty gear, yu yu hakusho, final fantasy, yondemasu yo azazelsan, bleach, star ocean 3, legend of zelda, code geass, fire emblem, dead or alive, nier, xenosaga, fairy tail, and many more. Byakuran and tsuna have a discussion about tsunas guardian with the pretty face. Tsuna first thinks his pretty guardian is chrome, but then he figures out that byakuran was referring to mukuro. Ten years has passed since tsuna and his guardians have graduated in namichuu, now ten years later they are having a class reunion. A blossom of a beautiful love, but with weak bases. Nope, not the characters because amano akirasensei owns them. Rokudou mukurosawada tsunayoshi works archive of our own. Gokudera and hibari then arrive, hibari tossing gokudera. Byakuran is the 169th chapter of akira amanos katekyo hitman reborn. Byakuran said as he ran through the woods in the same direction as you. Download katekyo hitman reborn dvd final future box first edition postcards 910 863x1280 minitokyo.

Myanimelist is the largest online anime and manga database in the world. Khr doujishi 6918 mukuro x hibari one drop youtube. Tsuna one day comes home, greeted by a little baby mafioso who apparantly is his new home tutor. Top katekyo hitman reborn bl doujinshi list recommendations. Rematch is the rematch battle fought between kyoya hibari and mukuro rokudo in kokuyo land. Hibari and mukuro were standing there beside the chair. Mukuro rokudo is a powerful illusionist and a wanted criminal, sought for his crimes against the estraneo famiglia. Chords for khr doujinshi 1827 hibari x tsuna proof. Implied sexual activity, dubcon, and possible violence in near future well, we do have hibari and mukuro and byakuran triangle. Reborn doujinshi alice in distortion byakuran x uni. Me me me anime anime guys manga anime anime art reborn katekyo hitman.

But, as tsuna nervously observed the dagger in byakurans hand, he began to doubt that. He had always been one to believe that everyone deserved a second chanceeven a villain like byakuran. This is a mukuro 69 x tsuna 27 doujinshi which means yes, bl aka shounenai. Mukuro khr doujinshi guest art by kathy100 on deviantart. The anime tells the story of one of the researchers son and the daughter of the institutes director who both attend the tateyama international highschool. Tsuna had no idea how things ended up like they were. Loketto 5 junginboshi takashina asahi mukuro inu x boku ss c81 neko kinryouku nekoneko inu x boku maniacs inu x boku ss. The everlasting mercy i did this all for you, byakuran says and smiles. Veja mais ideias sobre anime, hitman reborn e manga.

Jun 5, 2018 explore xyzrebellions board katekyo hitman reborn. Read 11 galleries with character mukuro ikusaba on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader. Tsurara jumped into the field where tsuna and reborn were supposedly training. He is the primary antagonist during the events of the kokuyo arc.

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