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You will present these three activities on the due date shown at the. The tictactoe board is a method that does all this. Rubric for alternate to a book report tic tac toe board. Be sure it is current and it correlates with something you have learned in social studies. Using python, students will create a tictactoe game. Write a 250 word essay comparing and contrasting the two men. This is a threepart project, but it does allow you some choice. From the board, students either choose or are assigned three adjacent or diagonal tasks to complete.

Click on the images above to download a customizable tictactoe board and the reading response paper my students use to respond. A parent or supervising adult will sign each square as it is completed. You must complete three book projects by the end of the quarter. Alternative book report choose a book with teacher approval. You will have three days in class to prepare your project. This book project sheet can be used for an independent student project or a book that students are reading in a smallgroup or wholeclass setting. Include 23 sentences for each on why your character likes each of the sites. Choose a fiction or a nonfiction book that you have not read before and has not been a movie. Jun 4, 2012 book report tictactoe i wish ethan would have done some of these in his reading class this year. This row you choose may be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Wait till helen comes choice board novel study activities menu book project. Rehberg has a list of books that you may check out of the school library.

Each must relate to something we study in each area southwest asia, africa and southern and eastern asia. Projectcell tictactoe choose three assignments to complete. Poor the assignment chosen is incomplete or missing. It is clear that the elements are not understood or thrown together overnight. Leonardo da vinci choice board presented in both list and tictactoe form. Fiction book of choice book report santee school district. May 23, 2017 9 creative activities to culminate the reading of the cay.

The cay choice board novel study activities menu book project rubric tic tac toe 9 creative activities to culminate the reading of the cay. Flush choice board novel study activities menu book. The cay choice board novel study activities menu book project. Complete a console based new scannergameuse a of tictactoe that plays a game of tic tactoe by asking the user to enter the row and column of their choosing. You must use this sheet as a coversheet for your project. Choose any three of the squares for homework completion. This book project is your response to the book that you read for literature circles. The activities you choose must create a winning tic tac toe game. Set up as a tictactoe board, students are presented with 9 different options, of which they must make a. The 3 assignments you choose must make a tictactoe on the board. Flush choice board novel study activities menu book project. These assignments are intended to be fun and nontraditional, so play with them. Tictactoe choice board unit 1 rubrics voki, garage band, comic strip 4 3 2 1 creativity student demonstrates complete creativity and uniqueness.

Rubric for alternate to a book report choice board name. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. When you have completed the activities in a rowhorizontally, vertically, or diagonallyyou may decide to be finished. Tic tac toe book project bracken steam academy fourth. Keep in mind that 30 students have already been assessed using this rubric. Tic tac toe book activities use this grid to choose 3 activities for your book. Please remember to put your name on your project and your rubric. It is presented in the form of a nine square grid similar to a tictactoe board and students may be expected to complete from one to three in a row. All parts of your book report project are due tuesday, april 23rd. Rulesprocedures student followed and executed all rules and. Research one military leader from the continental army and one from the british army.

Draw and label both a plant and an animal cell with all of the appropriate organelles. Book report tictactoe this year in social studies you are required to read three books. Find the top 10 web sites a character in your book would most frequently visit. His approach boosts your confidence book report tic tac toe student choice activiti and makes difficult stuff look easy. Book report tictactoe multiple intelligencesauthenic assessment. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. Choose one activity to complete in addition to your book summary. Extension menus pajaro valley unified school district. Using different levels of understanding, teachers create a threebythree grid a total of nine squares and insert activities into each.

Rubric for tictactoe activity exceptional good average substandard poor organization of project, each page of project is neat, and content of each activity has been researched and prepared with accurate historical detail 10 content has all required elements directions followed, three activities completed and turned in on due date 8. Tictactoe book project 4 project bundle ms hs by a. Teacher should create a rubric based on objectives to be mastered. As a final project for this unit, you will complete three activities below. Choose a 3inarow tictactoe line to complete your assignment. Please be sure to get the right rubric for each activity you choose. Due date for this project is wednesday, september 26, 2012 1. This product includes 12 writing prompt choice boards and provides your students with over 300 ideas and prompts for writing projects. Designing the game so that two users can play tictactoe against one another. I had to first test out cell dimensions to see what would be viable to allow everything else to fit on the screen. Then, complete three tasks of your choice on the tic tac toe sheet.

Like the game tictactoe, you will choose three activities in a row from the board above. Board novel study activities menu book project rubric tic tac toe rubrics for. Ancient egypt tictactoe menu you must complete three activities in order to complete a successful row of tictactoe. Grades will be based on the rubric found on the back of this sheet. Dont book report tic tac toe rubric hesitate to ask for help. You have this week to work on your tictactoe projects. Tictactoe choice boards give students the opportunity to participate in. Tictactoe book report effingham county school district. This game has the same principles as everyones favorite childhood game of tictactoe. Or you may decide to keep going and complete more activities. Creating a tictactoe checker which will check the board to.

Make sure you complete three vertical, horizontal, or diagonal activities. Thinktactoe is a strategy that harnesses the visual pattern of the tictactoe game to broaden student understanding of instructional content, challenge students who already have some mastery of a subject, and provide a variety of means to assess student mastery in a way that is fun and unusual. You are a clever, intelligent, artistic group of students. The 3 activities you choose must be in a row, across, down, or diagonally. Use assessment data and student profiles to determine student readiness, learning styles, or.

If it is a culumlative week, for example gr 46, then you need to draw 12 squares per week, 12 pictures, roots and definition of root. Part of the fun is trying to achieve a tictactoe, but students are actually answering prompts that are within, about, and beyond the text. Students can choose from a variety of activities to create their own final project. Flush choice board novel study activities menu book project rubric tic tac toe. Be sure to put the title of the book and your name on each activity your complete. Your choices should be in a straight line across, down, or diagonally, just like a real tictactoe game. Project includes 3 of the 4 required elements of information. Student mostly demonstrates creativity and uniqueness. Sketch a political cartoon to express your opinion about a current event. Cell project tictactoe complete one assignment from each row, meaning three assignments total, relating to cells.

This criterion is linked to a learning outcome demonstrates depth of knowledge about the book. This week your english work will be related to your science project. They should form a tictactoe across, diagonal, or down. To receive a grade, decide which activity you would like to be graded as a summative, and which two should. Our operators are always ready to assist and work for you 247. Includes product criteria cards, student progress log, student accountability sheet, and a grading rubric. Tictactoe tictactoe, also known as thinktactoe, is a differentiation tool that offers collection of activities from which students can choose to do to demonstrate their understanding. Includes a set of differentiated vocabulary sheets, project explanations, story map pages, and a rubric. Cell assignment choice boards easy differentiation in the. I created a game of marioluigi tictactoe which hopefully counts as the required graphical elements in this project. Read the following directions and complete by the required due date. Get 3 in a row in anyway you can, up, down, or diagonal as long as it goes through the middle box. You must complete each of the activities in that row as described on the handout. Each activity is worth 20 points, and has a specific grading rubric.

Just like the game tictactoe, you need to choose three squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to each other to get credit. Use as classwork, homework, extension activities, early finisher work. Edit concept for use novel study tic tac toe project. Conference with teacher after each complete squareproject chosen. Take a picture of the assignment and turn in to ms. Tictactoe choice boards give students the opportunity to participate in multiple tasks that allow them to practice skills theyve learned in class or to demonstrate and extend their understanding of concepts. Choose activities in a tictactoe design unless approved by teacher. Check the boxes you plan to complete decisions are final. Make into a tic tac toe board and use for grade formative before. Choose three activities in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line from the tictactoe board. Make a paper lifttheflap style model of a plant or animal cell including all of the organelles for that. Your completed tic tac toe form and project will be due on friday, december 5, 2014.

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